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Welcome and Introduction
Welcome to R.L. Norris Elementary School's Art program! I am Ms. Abigail Sandifer, and I am so very excited to work with your child as we explore our inner ARTISTS this school year. Students at NES will attend art class once a week as we examine different forms of art, art history, and our own creativity. Just like famous artists throughout history, our student artists will never make two exact copies of any art piece. This is encouraged as each student searches for his/her own artistic voice and expression. I look forward to seeing our students flourish and expand their own creativity!
About Me
My name is Abigail Sandifer. I am a Thomson native who, after moving away for my first two years of college, realized I loved my hometown too much to stay away for long. I graduated from Thomson High School in 2015, and it is exciting to work in the same school system I was a part of as a student. This is my third year at Norris Elementary, and my first year in the art room at NES.
"Why teach art?" you may ask.
Creativity and the arts have always been very important to me. Art allows us to experience other cultures and views we may not have seen before. It can also highlight the shared experiences we see every day, bringing a community together. Art is powerful and teaches lessons that are applicable in all areas of life.
Watch Us Work!
Pictures of projects to be posted soon.
Abigail Sandifer
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