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Guidance Services:The guidance counselor is available to students to help them develop their educational, social, career, and personal strengths and become responsible and productive citizens.

Interventions may be provided:

Classroom Guidance: Large group instruction in the classroom focusing on the general needs, interests, concerns and behaviors of all students.

Small Group Counseling: Two or more students working with a counselor, discussing a specific area of concern to develop positive relationships, solve problems, and work toward goals. Parental permission is required.

Individual Counseling: Interaction between a counselor and a student, personal and private, in which they work together on a personal or academic concern. Parents will be notified if the concern affects the safety of the student or others.

A student can make a self-referral for counseling by completing a student Referral Form or indicating to a teacher, administrator, or counselor a desire for individual counseling. A parent has the right to elect to sign a waiver form that his/her child not participate in guidance and counseling activities.