General Info

Norris Elementary School
1861 Harrison Road
Thomson, Georgia 30824
Phone: (706) 986-4400
Fax: (706) 986-4401

Principal: Mrs. Shantell Crockett

Assistant Principal: Ms. Patricia Connor

Norris Elementary strives to be a school of excellence
through implementation of a rigorous curriculum.

Norris Elementary is committed to providing quality instruction
which surpasses state and national standards.

Learning is our primary focus.

Students, staff, and parents are all
stakeholders in the learning process.

Continuous improvement is expected in all areas.

We are committed to the success of all students.

A positive attitude and respect for all persons
is necessary for a safe and productive learning environment.

All students will become proficient in a
variety of technology applications.

School Hours
7:15 a.m. Morning Supervision Begins
7:45 a.m. Teachers Arrive/Breakfast Ends
8:00 a.m. Morning Bell/School Begins
3:05 p.m. Bus Call Begins/Car Riders Released
3:45 p.m. Teachers’ Day Ends

Arrival Time
Class begins at 8:00 a.m. Supervision of students begins at 7:15 a.m. Parents should NOT drop students off prior to 7:15 a.m. Students should arrive at school no later than 7:50 a.m. Car riders must be dropped off on Holt Street behind the school; for student safety, the parking lot in front of the school, the bus loop, and the faculty parking lot are off-limits.

Dismissal Time
Dismissal is at 3:05 p.m. Students are expected to leave campus or be in their designated areas by 3:20 p.m. Supervision ends when the last bus leaves campus. Car riders are to be picked up behind the school on Holt Street; for student safety, the parking lot in front of the school is off-limits.

Car Riders
Car riders are to be dropped off and picked up behind the school on Holt Street; for student safety, the parking lot in front of the school, the bus loop, and the faculty parking lot are off-limits. In the morning, please drop off students no earlier than 7:15 a.m. when supervision begins. Be certain to drive to the "Drive to Here" sign and, for safety, instruct students to exit from the passenger side of vehicles only. All students are offered a chance to eat breakfast in the mornings.

In the afternoon, one lane is provided to pick up students on Holt Street. Car riders will be released first. Students should proceed directly to the gym and wait for their car numbers to be called. (Car numbers can be obtained at Open House.) Upon receiving the signal from the employees on duty, students will be released to exit the gym and load immediately into their vehicles. For the safety of our children, drivers are directed to wait for the instructions from the school resource officer.Drivers should not pull out of their lanes until the officer gives the directive to do so.

Parents are invited to observe classrooms, to use the Title I Parent Resource Center, and to volunteer to assist the school and students. For the safety of our students and in accordance with state law, visitors to Norris Elementary School must check in at the main office and receive permission visitors' passes indicating their intended locations. Students who visit with non-students during the school day are in violation of school rules.


Breakfast and lunch will be available each day in the cafeteria. Prices follow:
  Breakfast Lunch
Student Free Free
Adult $1.75 $3.25 
If you wish to apply for free/reduced price meals, you may obtain an application from the main office or cafeteria manager.

Communication with the School

One Call Now Automated Dialer
Be sure we always have your updated telephone number in case of emergency. We also use these numbers to communicate upcoming events, school closings, and important changes to parents using our free One Call Now automated dialer.

Our teachers can be e-mailed through their web pages. Click "Teacher Webpages" to access e-mail addresses. Clicking the "Contact" button above will allow you to e-mail the principal directly.

Our teachers can be reached via telephone during their planning periods. If a teacher is unavailable, the secretary will gladly take a message for the teacher. You can reach our main office at (706) 986-4400.

Student Agenda Books
Our teachers regularly send home notes, homework assignments, and progress reports in student agenda books. Similarly, you are invited to use the agenda book to communicate with your child's teacher.