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                          Welcome to the PBIS page for RL Norris Elementary School!

At NES, we believe that students have the right to learn in a positive, safe environment. We encourage students to grow socially, academically, and personally through the school wide use of PBIS.

What is PBIS?

PBIS is a nationally recognized program the promotes and praises good behavior in a school environment. We use this program to teach and recognize children who contribute to the positive learning environment by demonstrating excellent behavior that ensures everyone's safety and helps all students to achieve their academic and personal goals.

Click the link to see how the faculty and staff will use PBIS at NES.


                                             P.B.I.S Team Members

The NES PBIS team will meet on the first Monday of each month. We will review data and discuss how we can work to continuously improve the school climate, by teaching proper behavior, correcting and improving improper behavior, and rewarding our students who are successfully following the RAMS expectations.
Our team consists of the following people:
Mrs. Crockett, Mrs. J. Gheesling, Mr. C. Doak, Ms. Regina Reid (school guidance counselor), Mr. C. Doak, Mr. B. Turman, Ms. C. Berry, Ms. Tracey Taylor, and Mrs. Sante Green.


What are the RAMS expectations for positive behavior? 

Each day, students recite the following expectations as a reminder of what positive behavior looks like in our building.

R respect everyone

A act appropriately

M make safe choices

S show responsibility

We are looking forward to a fantastic school year. Please reach out to us if you have any questions!